Five Reasons to Shop with Brinvale Bird Foods

goldfinch and reed bunting eating wild bird food from a bird feeder

1. Our mixes are made for wild birds.

Here at Brinvale we manufacture our own bird food mixes from the highest quality ingredients available. Due to over 10 years of experience in manufacturing wild bird food, we know exactly what to include in our mixes to attract the optimum amount of wild birds. Because of this we also know which seeds and grains to not include in our mixes, as they won’t be eaten by wild birds. This reduces the amount of seed left behind by feeding birds and ensures that a wide variety of garden birds will be attracted by each mix.

2. All of our seed is fresh and clean.

As a manufacturer of bird food we are capable of providing the freshest products possible to our customers, especially when some of the seeds come directly from being grown on our arable farm. All of our bird food products are mixed and cleaned on-site at Brinvale Farm, and sent directly to our customers. This means that there are no products sitting around for weeks on end and potentially going stale. All of the seed that we use goes through three separate cleaning stages to make sure that our customers receive the cleanest seed possible. The cleaning process removes any dust, foreign bodies and inferior grains from our bird food. This ensures that every bag of seed that leaves our farm is of a consistent high quality.

blue tit eating top quality wild bird sunflower hearts3. Everything is tried and tested.

Here at Brinvale Bird Foods we are passionate about feeding wild birds, and every product that we sell is tested by the local bird population around Brinvale Farm. If we find that a certain food or feeder is not approved by the wild birds on our farm, that product is then not approved by us and will not go on sale. We believe in only selling products that will be a useful addition to a bird feeding garden. If the birds on our farm are not interested in a certain product, we expect that no other birds in Britain will be interested either.

4. We take pride in our service.

We offer the highest possible standard of customer service that we can here at Brinvale Bird Foods. We believe in providing a comprehensive service for all of our customers, from the initial placement of an order to the completed delivery. We only have a small team but every team member is dedicated to providing exceptional support to our customers, whether it’s providing guidance on the best type of bird food to choose or helping with any issues encountered in the ordering process. Every team member is also happy to provide advice on feeding wild birds and is always as friendly and helpful as possible.

5. We have a proven track record.

We know that it’s all well and good telling you that you should shop with us and providing reasons for you to do so, but we’re obviously going to be biased about our own service and quality. That’s why we thought that you might be interested in what some of our customers have to say about our service and products.

“Always best value, always quickly sent - usually next day arrival - and deliveryman always sensibly leaves in safe place if I'm out. Great!”

K Cooper, Hexham


“Even when a mistake was made it was corrected instantly with good humour, great people to deal with.”

J Edwards, Whitchurch


"I would not go anywhere else for my bird food as it is always great quality at a very good price. The birds love it."

M Cruickshank, Crewe

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