Dried fruit for wild birds

Dried fruit, such as Raisins, are flavoursome, rich in fibre and add variety to bird’s diets. While beloved all year round, they especially shine in winter, providing an essential energy boost when resources are scarce. 

Obtain substantial amounts of dried fruit for birds by investing in our 3kg, 5kg or 13kg packs. You’ll also find them in many of our wild seed mixes to attract a diverse array of birds.

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Obtain large quantities of tasty dried fruit for birds.

Dried fruits are brimming with beneficial vitamins and minerals that promise to enrich a bird's daily diet. In particular, our Raisins attract many softbilled, ground-feeding birds, including Robins, Blackbirds and Song Thrushes. Whether mixed with seeds or served alone, they're a delightful addition to your bird feed menu.

Scatter the fruit on bird tables, seed trays, or directly on the ground for your feathered friends to enjoy. However, exercise caution, as dried fruit can harm pets like dogs and cats.

Tip: soak your dried fruit for wild birds to enjoy.

During the summertime, soaking dried fruit in water provides birds with a delicious sweet treat when they drop into your garden. This practice also offers additional hydration, supporting the birds’ energy and nutrition levels.

Remember, birds also require access to clean water for drinking and bathing. We recommend providing fresh, clean water in a bird bath daily to enhance the overall well-being of the visitors who frequent your garden.

For more advice about nurturing wildlife, call 01664 823 230 or email info@brinvale.com. We'll gladly assist!

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