Peanuts for Birds

Peanuts are a versatile snack for your feathered friends, rich in essential oils, protein, and fibre. Browse standard and jumbo peanuts for wild birds, small granules for fledglings during the breeding season, and monkey nuts for keeping caged bird's beaks strong. 

At Brinvale, our peanuts for birds undergo crucial aflatoxin testing for optimum safety. Pair them with a specially designed peanut feeder to reduce any risk of choking.

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Peanut Granules

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Peanuts in Shells

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Find high-quality peanuts for birds at Brinvale.

Peanuts are high in valuable protein and fat, making them popular with many garden birds such as Blue Tits, Nuthatches, Long Tailed Tits, Woodpeckers, Great Tits, Siskins and Greenfinches. 

These nuts sit comfortably in mesh bird feeders, allowing birds to peck quickly as they come and go. Although, they're so tasty that they never last too long. Stock up on soft, easy-to-peck peanuts with our various pack sizes, ranging from 1kg to 25kg bags.

Additionally, consider giving shelled peanuts, like monkey nuts, to caged birds. The essential oils promote healthy plumage and beak condition, aiding feather regeneration and strengthening beaks.

The importance of Aflatoxin testing.

Aflatoxin is a toxic substance found in certain grains and nuts. Here at Brinvale, we ensure that all our peanuts for birds are sufficiently aflatoxin tested so they’re guaranteed to be safe and healthy for wild birds to consume. 

We maintain the highest quality in all our products. Explore more straight bird food or wild bird seed mixes and access more reliable options. 

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