Hedgehog Food and Houses

Feeding hedgehogs is becoming more and more popular. All our hedgehog food is made using the best quality ingredients to give your hogs a varied nutritious meal. The food is formulated to comply with hedgehog dietary recommendations to ensure that they get the best food possible.

We supply a range of wild hedgehog food, including the Hedgehog Biscuit and Hedgehog Biscuit Boost. These unique biscuits contain the valuable nutrients and energy that the hogs require in order to remain active and healthy. Hedgehogs adore mealworms, but too many can unbalance a stable hedgehog diet and cause calcium to be depleted from their bones. Our specially formulated biscuit boost is perfect as an occasional treat for your friends. 

Here at Brinvale we want all animals to have the best they can be given and this includes Hedgehogs. We have developed our Hedgehog food which will keep the hedgehogs going, along with providing hedgehog houses for them to stay settled and safe.