Peanut Feeders

These wire mesh peanut feeders for birds have been specifically designed to accommodate whole peanuts.

The mesh forces wild birds to take little bits of peanut at a time, this prevents them from taking whole peanuts and reduces the risk of choking.

When using peanut feeders for birds you can expect to see a multitude of wild birds including a selection of tits, nuthatches and woodpeckers

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Jacobi Jayne Ring Pull Peanut Feeder

Ring Pull Peanut Feeder

from £9.20 Was: £11.50
Squirrel Resistant
Nuttery Roundhaus Peanut Feeder - Nuttery
Squirrel Resistant
Nuttery Original Peanut Feeder - Nuttery
Squirrel Resistant
Nuttery Helix Peanut Feeder - Nuttery
Food Included
Jacobi Jayne Ring Pull Click Peanut

Ring Pull Click Peanut

from £21.90
Squirrel Resistant
Jacobi Jayne Squirrel Buster Peanut
Tom Chambers Metal Globe Peanut Feeder

Metal Globe Peanut Feeder

£6.95 Was: £7.50
Squirrel Resistant
CJ Wildlife London Caged Peanut Feeder
Squirrel Resistant
CJ Wildlife Guardian Peanut Feeder

Guardian Peanut Feeder

from £28.95
Out of stock CJ Wildlife Metal Peanut Feeder

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