Straight Bird Food and Seeds for Wild Birds

Attract and nurture the feathered visitors in your garden with our high-quality straight bird food and seeds. Explore a range of sunflower and niger seeds, peanut products, nutritious dried fruit and protein-packed mealworms to meet all dietary needs.

These individual seeds give the flexibility for separate feeding or assembling custom mixes. If you'd rather purchase prepared blends, please view our nourishing wild bird seed mixes.

Ensure health and nutrition by purchasing premium bird food online.

Treat the feathered visitors in your garden to quality food and straight seeds, many grown here at Brinvale Farm. These snacks are perfect for filling birdseed feeders and watching wildlife flock. 

Straight bird food allows you to offer targeted nutrition, such as providing protein-rich live and dried mealworms, which are particularly beneficial during winter when the ground gets tough and insects are scarce.

You can also entice specific species by investing in their favourite seed. Pick up niger seeds to draw in Finches and Sparrows and peanuts for Blue Tits, Nuthatches, Long Tailed Tits, and Woodpeckers. Our range also includes specialised feeds for Swans and Ducks and straight grain for poultry.

Experiment with new bird food.

If you’re interested in introducing a new straight seed or bird food, we recommend starting with small quantities to gauge the birds' interest and learn their preferences. For more tips and information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 01664 823 230 or email Our team will be happy to assist you! 

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