Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

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Whilst we love wildlife of all kinds, when we spend time and money putting food out for the birds it can be exasperating to see grey squirrels stealing all the spoils – which, once they’ve located a ready source, they can accomplish with alarming speed. Aiming to help you to frustrate their daring raids in a humane way, we stock a variety of highly effective well designed squirrel-proof bird feeders for seed, peanut and suet.

As an anti-squirrel measure, caged feeders are a good solution. They provide a secure, attractive feeding haven for garden birds, keeping them safe from predators such as sparrow hawks and protecting the food from squirrel theft. The outer mesh of the cage allows birds through to the feeding element in the centre but is small enough to keep the squirrels out and pigeons out too.

Another very effective method for foiling squirrel robberies comes in the form of our best-selling highly functional range of Squirrel Buster bird feeders. These thwart their attempts, allowing the welcome garden birds to feed freely but forming a barrier to the seed, suet or peanuts when squirrels try to feed from them.