Friends of Brinvale

Welcome to the Friends of Brinvale page, where we proudly highlight the companies we support and collaborate with in our shared journey towards success. At Brinvale, we believe in the power of community and partnership, recognizing that together, we can achieve more. Through our dedication to fostering meaningful relationships with like-minded businesses, we aim to uplift and empower one another while making a positive impact in our respective industries. Join us as we celebrate the invaluable contributions of our partners and friends, whose collaboration enriches our collective efforts and drives our mutual growth.



Being one of the leading names in monitoring and researching birds, the BTO works tirelessly to secure the future of birds and nature. With some of the brightest volunteers and members, the knowledge pool they have built up is something to behold. Not only have they been monitorings birds since 1933, but they have now extended to other wildlife too! With nature and birds at the forefront, they use their findings to secure protection for special wildlife sites, and interact with various parties to create new developments where wildlife is key.

The BTO website can be found by clicking this link!


The Ninebarrow Woodland

We first started our work with Jon & Jay (aka Ninebarrow) back in 2022. Not only are they a multi-award-winning folk duo, but they also share our passion for nature and animals. They have set up their very own woodland, planting trees and providing a feeding sanctuary for their feathered friends. We continue to show support to Ninebarrow and their woodland visitors by providing the best quality mixes, peanuts, and suet for them to feast on, along with giving advice wherever needed.

You can see the fantastic work that the guys at Ninebarrow are doing here!


Prickleback Urchin Hedgehog Rescue

You know that we love to ensure that quality food isn't just available for birds, but also for hedgehogs too! The team at Pricklback Urchine Hedgehog Rescue dedicates their time to providing a rescue, treatment and rehabilitation service to sick and injured hedgehogs with the aim and hope that they will be able to be released back into their natural wild habitat.

To check out the amazing hard work that Prickleback are putting in, visit their website here!

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