Wild Bird Seed Mixes

Specially formulated here at Brinvale farm, our range of Wild Bird Seed Mixes have been uniquely developed to ensure they are suitable and loved by a whole range of birds. Many of these wild bird seeds have been designed for the general use of all garden birds meaning you can provide something for everything with very little effort. Although, we also offer mixes that have been developed with a specific variety or species in mind too. From fledglings, softbill, sparrow, finches or robins we have the exact wild bird seed you need.

Trying something new?
If you are trying a new mix, we would recommend that you buy a smaller bag to make sure that your garden birds enjoy and eat it. As different areas and different birds can react differently. If you want to try a new mix but not sure which one, our taster pack includes 4 of our most popular

If you are still unsure on which bird seed is best for you and which birds you get/want in your garden, please give us a call and we will talk through which is the best bird seed or mix for you.