Floating Swan and Duck Food Pellets

Feeding ducks and swans is a delight, but it's essential to do so responsibly. Avoid harmful foods like bread and crackers, and choose our specially developed pellets instead.

Our healthy swan and duck feed consists of wheat, wheat feed, soya, whole maize, fish meal, and soya oil. It prevents harm to wildfowl, water, and other aquatic creatures. Simply scatter the pellets into the water—they’ll float and disperse, allowing all birds time to feed.

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Brinvale Floating Swan and Duck Food

Dish out healthier alternatives with our duck and swan feed.

While well-intentioned, offering bread, cereal, crackers, and similar savoury food to ducks and swans can seriously harm them. These items are high in carbohydrates, sugars, and salts, leading to malnutrition for birds and water pollution that damages other aquatic life.

Swap for a much more nutritious food, like our swan and duck feed. These pellets are full of vitamins and minerals and are designed to aid easy digestion. Spring and summer are crucial times to provide these nutrients to birds so they can care for their young.

Get up close and involved with wildlife without harming it.

When heading to a pond, river, or lake, equip yourself with these pellets and scatter a handful on the water's surface. Watch as the pellets float, distributing and attracting the attention of more birds, then gradually sink, allowing swans and ducks to forage naturally.

While you’re there, don't forget about other pond life. Keep them happy and healthy with our selection of pond fish food.

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