Sunflower Seeds for birds

Sunflower seeds are a brilliant energy source for all wild birds and are cost-effective, providing value for money all year round. Browse black, striped and our best-selling sunflower heart bird seeds, all expertly cleaned to remove dust and debris. We also carry sunflower heart chips, perfect for nurturing fledglings. 

Find further ways to care for your wildlife by exploring our straight bird food and wild bird seed mixes.

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Brinvale Sunflower Hearts for Birds
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Brinvale Sunflower Heart Chips

Sunflower Heart Chips

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Promote vital nutrition with clean sunflower bird seed.

Sunflower seeds provide a vital energy boost for large and small bird species, making them a staple for your bird feeder or ground tray.

Sunflower hearts bird seed, in particular, is popular because it arrives de-husked with the shell removed. Hard-billed birds usually have no problem crunching through the shell, but removing the husk ensures that soft-billed birds like robins can join the feast!

While exploring our options, don’t overlook our sunflower heart chips, which are made of broken and small sunflower hearts. These seeds are a sustainable way to reduce waste and provide fledglings with the necessary protein and energy for growth and development.

Always choose cleaned sunflower seeds.

Dirty seeds can contain mould, dust, and debris that pose severe health risks to birds, such as respiratory difficulties, digestive issues, and compromised immune systems. 

Rest assured that Brinvale’s seeds undergo professional cleaning while maintaining all the essential goodness that keeps your birds healthy. Browse all our sunflower seeds and treat your wildlife to top-quality nutrition.

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