Straight Grains for Wild Birds

Explore our selection of straight bird feed, ideal for treating wild birds, caged birds, and poultry. Browse a variety of oats, seeds, maize, and whole wheat options—many of which are grown here at Brinvale Farm.

Each option is brimming with its share of essential vitamins and nutrients. With various pack sizes available, it’s never been easier to conjure custom wild bird mixes or supply specific treats for your garden birds!

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Brinvale Black Rape Seed

Black Rape Seed

from £5.50
Brinvale Canary Seed

Canary Seed

from £6.20
Brinvale Hemp Seeds

Hemp Seeds

from £6.50
Brinvale Kibbled Maize

Kibbled Maize

from £4.95
Brinvale Naked Oats

Naked Oats

from £5.20
Brinvale Red Dari

Red Dari

from £5.20
Brinvale Red Millet Seed

Red Millet Seed

from £6.30
Brinvale Rolled Naked Oats

Rolled Naked Oats

from £4.95
Brinvale Safflower Seeds

Safflower Seeds

from £7.25
Brinvale White Millet

White Millet

from £6.30

Experience the benefits of unmixed birdseed.

Straight seeds, oats, and wheat are perfect for keeping your birds happy and healthy.

Our range of single-ingredient grains boasts a diverse array of bird food staples, including Black Rape, Safflower, Hemp, Niger and Red and White Millet seeds, alongside various oats and kibbled maize

All options are produced to the highest standards, with many grown and harvested here at our farm, where we can guarantee the best quality. We also take extra care to clean dust and debris from the seeds, making them safe to put out in bird feeders.

Serve straight bird food alone or create a custom mix.

When you purchase these grains individually, you have complete freedom over what you do with them. Craft a bespoke mix to suit the exact preferences of your local bird population. Alternatively, offer them as standalone treats if your birds have favourites.

At Brinvale, we combine these single-ingredient grains into our mixes, which are designed to meet different species' requirements. If you’d like inspiration, head to our popular wild bird seed mixes and ensure your feathered friends receive the best nutrition possible. 

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