Red Millet Seed
Brinvale Red Millet Seed

Red Millet Seed

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Red millet is the favourite food of tree sparrows. This red bird seed offers amounts of protein, fat, and B vitamins similar to that of white millet, which help garden birds to stay strong and healthy.

Because of its tough outer shell, red millet is ideal for ground feeding although it can be offered successfully in other ways too. Sparrows and other birds will happily eat this seed directly from a feeder and many table-feeding birds enjoy it as well.

Red millet can be fed as a straight bird food or as part of a wild bird food mix. In fact we use it in our own sparrow mix. Order 10kg or more for free next day shipping. 

Millet seeds are approximately 2mm in diameter on average, however with any type of seed this does vary.

Suitable for feeding from: This can be fed from a Bird Table, Seed Feeder or a Ground Feeder

Red Millet is:

  • high in protein, fat, and Vitamin B
  • Has a tough outer shell suitable for sparrows, not soft billed birds
  • red millet can also be a straught bird food or part of a wild bird food mix
  • Is suitable to be fed from either the ground, a feeder or table. 

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