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Why Choose Brinvale's Sparrow Food?

Its made here right on the farm. Mixed, made and prepared in house and all from the best produce this seed mix is sure to bring the sparrows and other small birds in their numbers to your garden! 


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Formulated here on Brinvale Farm from only the best produce!
The main allure of this seed mix is the combination of sunflower hearts, which are enjoyed by a large number of wild birds and red millet, which is the favourite food of tree sparrows.
The sunflower hearts offer a very high amount of energy to wild birds, especially when compared to how little energy birds use up when eating them. The red millet offers large amounts of protein, fat and B vitamins, which help garden birds, like sparrows, to stay strong and healthy. All of this means that the mix is high quality and a healthy option to attract Tree Sparrows in your garden.
The addition of several small seeds to the mix makes this sparrow food one that other Wild Birds visting your garden will also enjoy.

The small size of the grains in this food for sparrows makes it most suitable for feeding from a bird feeder although it can also be used as a table mix.
Our Premium Sparrow Food Mix Contains:
Red Millet, White Millet, Cut Wheat, Canary Seed and Sunflower Hearts
Suitable for feeding from: This can be fed from a Seed Feeder
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