Suet Bird Food for Wild Birds

A collection of our suet products. These include fat balls, suet pellets and peanut butter for birds. Suet is a great option for birds as the high fat content gives wild birds a real energy boost, especially in the colder winter months.

What is Suet?

Suet is an excellent and nutritious food that delivers a quick source of energy. It boasts so many good benefits that it is essential throughout the year, particularly during winter. It is very high in protein, calories and energy and is easy for birds to eat and digest, meaning they can get easily get a quick and fulfilling burst, without too much exertion. It is a substantial and healthy feed that can be fed all year around as well as during critical stage of a bird's growth.

Here at Brinvale, all of our suet is the finest quality and is a rich blend of high percentage suet and seeds and contains absolutely no fillers or alternate ingredients.

We stock a range of suet varieties including our best selling deluxe suet balls. Made from pure suet, these suet balls are soft, tasty and loved by all birds. We also stock several other varieties of suet balls as well as fat balls. All of our suet or fat balls are soft and due to their size, are easy to feed on and digest. It is best if they are fed from a specialised suet ball feeder and here at Brinvale, we have a large variety including ones which are squirrel resistant.

Over 80 species of birds are known to be attracted to suet including; woodpeckers, nuthatches, starlings and jays.

In warmer months, be sure to keep suet out of direct sunlight but placed close by in an area of shade. Suet can also be refridgerated during hot periods.

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