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Suet pellets are an exceptional choice for feeding wild birds as they are tasty, easy to digest and full of energy and nutrients. They are the perfect 'go to' feed for birds when they are in need of that extra boost so they are great as to be included in your feeding regime. We also stock mixed pellets, a blend of berry, mealworm and insect suet pellets that are unique to Brinvale.

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Brinvale Mixed Suet Pellets

Mixed Suet Pellets

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Brinvale Berry Suet Pellets

Berry Suet Pellets

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Brinvale Insect Suet Logs

Insect Suet Logs

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Tom Chambers Metal Suet Log Holder

Metal Suet Log Holder

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Suet Logs and Suet Bars differ from suet pellets in terms of the way that they are fed, yet they still boast all of the same great benefits. While pellets are often carried to a nest, suet logs and bars are often pecked at from a feeder. This means that while both contain nutrients, energy and calories, providing Suet logs or Jumbo Suet Bars in your garden, means you can attract birds to feeders and enjoy watching them as they feed.

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