Helix Seed Feeder - Nuttery
Nuttery Helix Seed Feeder - Nuttery
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Helix Seed Feeder - Nuttery

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About This Feeder

This Helix seed feeder is a simply stunning feeder to have in your garden. Its heritage green colour is sure to grab the birds' attention, encouraging them to explore what food it holds whether that be sunflower seed or a bird seed mix.  This seed feeder has the advantage of deterring squirrels and larger birds with its caged design*. The stove enamelled mesh cage adds a great finish to this top quality feeder.  This really is a beautifully designed and crafted wild bird feeder.

This sturdy feeder has an ingenious locking mechanism which ensures that the roof will not come off and expose the food. You simply twist the metal cap at the top and lift the lid off. Once the lid is off you can slide the metal bar to expose the full feeding tube and replenish with feed (see photos), then reverse the bar back into place to secure the lid back on. In terms of the canopy lid, it’s large enough to cover the entire feeding area, ensuring that the birds and  their food stay dry.


25cm High


450g approx

Number of Ports:



Celadon Green

Product Code:



*Please note that we can only guarantee to deter and prevent against adult squirrels and larger birds such as (pigeons and rooks). However, on occasions, smaller juvenile squirrels may still be able to get through and access the feeder.

  • High Quality Build
  • Stove Enammling Finish
  • Large Canopy Roof to Keep Food Dry
  • Squirrel Proof
  • Sturdy Ports
  • Minimise spillage with tray
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