My Favourites Clingers Only Feeder
Jacobi Jayne My Favourites Clingers Only Feeder
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My Favourites Clingers Only Feeder

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About This Feeder

The My Favourites Clingers Only feeder boasts great benefits, it is compact and lightweight. It is also easy to fill as the lid simply rotates for release. 

This idea of a Clingers Only feeder is that it has been specifically designed for smaller, clinging birds. This is because the unique design makes it difficult for larger birds such as pigeons and starlings to get a steady foothold, meaning they cannot access the feed. This thereby encourages them to eat elsewhere and ensures regular garden birds can eat in peace, and not be disturbed. It also ensures larger birds will not devour all the food before smaller birds get a look in. 

The Clingers Only feeder features a secure handle on the lid, meaning it can be hung securely from a variety of place in your garden or outdoor space. It also features a screw mechanism at the base for securing to a garden pole, for an even more steadfast siting.  


Lid 18.5cm (7.2")
Base 10.5cm (4.1")
Diameter 15.5cm (6")

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