Ring Pull Bird Feeder (Plastic)
Jacobi Jayne Ring Pull Bird Feeder (Plastic)
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Ring Pull Bird Feeder (Plastic)

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About This Feeder

A more economical version of the Ring Pull Pro Bird Feeder, the Ring Pull (formerly The One Feeder) provides the same easy to use ring-pull perch release technology and an easy to remove base with a simple twist release system. This makes The Ring Pull Feeder extremely easy to clean thoroughly, and makes it very easy to take to pieces and put back together.

The quality plastic construction of this feeder make it robust and hardy, and its metal hanging handle makes ensures it will be long lasting.

The flip top lid on this feeder allows for easy filling, and the feeding perches on the feeder ports allow birds to feed comfortably.   All parts are replaceable and these seed feeders are backed by a 2 year guarantee.


Please be aware that as the ports are plastic, there is the chance that squirrels will be able to chew the ports

You can also purchase the 2 and 4 port feeders with the appropriate guardian cage and tray



2 Port: 20cm
4 Port: 37.5 cm
6 Port: 57.5cm

Number of Ports:

2, 4 or 6



Product Code:

2 Port: TOS1G
4 Port: TOS2G
6 Port: TOS3G

  • Easy to dismantle
  • Easy to clean
  • 2-year parts guarantee
  • Compatible with numerous guards and trays
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