Big Easy Seed Feeder
Jacobi Jayne Big Easy Seed Feeder
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Big Easy Seed Feeder

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About This Feeder

The Big Easy feeder range is one of the toughest on the market, backed by a Lifetime Guarantee, they are built to last and therefore saves money in the long run.  The use of strong metal fixtures makes the extremities of each feeder considerably strong and makes weather damage sustained by other feeders thing of the past.

These feeders are very easy to use and clean, with the feeding ports simply twisting out of the feeder. The lid on the big easy seed feeder twists off easily for filling, and the base can be removed by simply squeezing the feeder and twisting the base, which allows for thorough cleaning.

These feeders are called ‘Big Easy’ for a reason. They are some of the highest capacity feeders currently available, with each one holding a large amount of seed comfortably. This allows each feeder to be filled on a less frequent basis and ensures that even in the dampest conditions your bird food will remain free-flowing, the special seed ventilation system boasted by each feeder helps to keep the seed inside fresher for longer.

This feeder is available in three sizes.


2 port: tube length  - 23.2cm
4 port: tube length - 33.4cm
6 port: tube length - 43.5cm

Number of Ports:

2, 4 or 6


2 port: 1 Litre
4 port: 1.6 litres 
6 port: 2.2 litres



Product Code:

2 port: BE-S1G
4 port: BE-S2G
6 port: BE-S3G

  • Easy to clean
  • Chew proof
  • Extra-large capacity
  • seed ventilation system
  • compatible seed trays
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