Metal Seed Feeder
CJ Wildlife Metal Seed Feeder
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Metal Seed Feeder

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About This Feeder

This robust Seed Feeder is the ideal addition for anyone who enjoys feeding wild birds. It is strong, versatile and can be used to provide a wide variety of straight seeds, mixes and grains, making it a great choice for any garden.  

The benefit of this particular seed feeder and what makes it unique is the specially designed perch rings.  Unlike conventional ports, these perch rings are wider and they allow birds to feed facing forward in a more natural way. This type of feeding attracts birds as they feel safer and will enjoy eating for longer. This patented style is unique and is a revolution in wild bird feeding that is sure to be welcomed by your birds.

The seed feeder itself is of a great quality, it is strong, easy to use and built to last. It features a powder coated metal lid and base and a solid and a solid plastic central tube. To refill this seed simply flipping off the lid for instant access and the base can be unscrewed for a thorough clean. Due to the high capacity size of the seed feeder, refilling is less frequent, allowing you more time to enjoy your wild birds and less time refilling your feeder.

The feeder features a strong metal handle so it can be hung securely in a variety of places and also includes a screw system base for mounting on a pole in your garden. 

Designed and manufactured by CJ Wildlife

For pole mounting this feeder is compatible with the Three Way Feeding Station 

Compatible with Large Seed Catching Tray (Code OMNI) and Feeder Tray product code 940600619


4 Port - 38cm
6 Port - 56cm

Number of Ports:

4 or 6



Product Code:

4 port - 31040
6 port - 31050

Revolutionary Round Perch Rings

Strong Metal Perches, Lid Handle and Base

Comes apart for through cleaning.

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