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The Pole

This sturdy 2.3cm diameter steel garden pole with corrosion-resistant powder coating offers plenty of options for siting bird feeders where they will be most appreciated by your visiting garden birds. It comes in 3 sections and when assembled is 1.7m in height.  One pole section has a spike on the bottom to enable you to situate it in your lawn or flowerbed as you wish.

You can either use the double hook attachment or secure a compatible feeder (CJ Feeder) to the top of the pole.


The Double Pole Hook Attachment

This double hook attachment fits the garden pole and allows for 2 feeders to be hung at the same time. This has a span of 60cm and a total height of 37cm.


Pole Hook

This single hook can be placed to hold itself onto the feeding pole to allow for additional feeding space for 1 feeder. This has a width of 24cm and a total height of 45cm when attached to the pole.


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