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  • Simple twist on base nut to release the feeder
  • Easy to clean
  • Strong and Durable

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About This Feeder

This seed feeder is designed to allow birds to feed safely away from squirrels and other pests*, which is a development in wild bird feeding that is becoming increasingly popular. The Feeder Guardian is an excellent choice as it is made from very sturdy plastic, combined with strong powder-coated metal lid, base and guard.  

The gaps between the cage bars are small enough to prevent predators but large enough for birds to enter in and out with ease. The sizable gaps also mean that there are no hard to reach places, making it hygienic, and when it comes to cleaning, it will be simple and easy.  The base of the cage can also be removed, by rotating a simple lever which will help to maximise cleanliness.  

The feeder can be used for a variety of seeds and refill is quick and trouble free, since the lid effortlessly lifts off.  The handle is long and robust meaning it can hang almost anywhere and the feeder can also be used free standing. At 16’’ tall, the feeder is a reasonable size, meaning that refilling will be less frequent, guaranteeing you more time enjoying the birds and less time refilling.  

This product is also compatible with the large ring pull feeder tray



2 port: 35cm x 27.5cm x 27.5cm
4 port: 36cm x 30cm x 30cm
6 port: 67.5cm x 30cm x 30cm

Number of Ports:

2,4 or 6



*Please note that these feeders can only deter against adult squirrels and larger birds such as (pigeons and rooks) getting to the feeding ports and may not stop them completley. However, on occasions, smaller juvenile squirrels may still be able to get through and access the feeder.

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