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Brinvale Bird Foods Sunflower Hearts - What are Sun Hearts For Birds?

Sunflower Hearts Seeds are a fantastic option to provide to your wild birds! We are always asked by customers what is the staple of any bird feeding paradise, and the answer is sunflower hearts! If you are just starting out, or wish to have an 'all in 1' seed, then hearts are the way to attract a wide variety of birds to your garden.

Being the kernels of the black sunflower seed, they are packed full of goodness and vital energy which birds require. Plus, due to already being de-husked, smaller birds will not have a problem eating them as there is no hard outer shell to crack through.

Hearts are a fantastic source of protein and they provide the birds with the nutrients and oils they need to keep their skin, beaks, and feathers healthy. The hearts also have a high calorie-to-weight ratio, which is why they are such a popular feed. They can be fed from any bird feeder, ground tray, bird table, or a specialized sunflower hearts feeder.


Why Choose Brinvale's Premium Sunflower Hearts?

Our quality sunflower hearts are a quick and healthy snack for many wild birds. They go through a very thorough cleaning process, where the hearts are triple-cleaned; making them dust-free, whilst keeping all the important nutrients and oils the birds need. We believe that due to our intense cleaning process, these sunflower hearts are some of the finest, best quality you will find on the market today.


We also have sunflower heart chips available too, in case you wish to feed broken down and small sunflower hearts to your birds (ideal for fledglings). You can Find Sunflower Chips Here.

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