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Sunflower Hearts for Birds

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What are Sunflower Hearts For Birds?

Sunflower hearts are a fantastic feed to give your wild birds! Being the kernels of the black sunflower seed, they are packed full of goodness. The sunflower hearts are a fantastic source of protein and they provide the birds with the nutrients and oils they need to keep their skin, beaks, and feathers healthy. The hearts also have a high calorie-to-weight ratio, which is why they are such a popular feed, due to the high energy the birds take from the seed. They can be fed from any bird feeder, ground tray, bird table, or a specialized sunflower hearts feeder.

Sunflower heart chips are also a favourite with wild birds. They are a mixture of broken and small sunflower hearts. They contain similar levels of energy and protein and leave less mess on the floor. The small size of these chips is great for fledglings and to stop the finches from chomping down the middle of the seed and letting the edges fall to the floor. But with less mess on the floor, there will not be as many ground feeders.

To purchase or find out more information on the sunflower chips click here.


Why Choose Premium Sunflower Hearts?

Our premium quality sunflower hearts are a quick and healthy snack for many wild birds. They go through a very thorough cleaning process, where the hearts are triple-cleaned; making them dust-free, whilst keeping all the important nutrients and oils the birds need. We believe that due to our intense cleaning process, these sunflower hearts are some of the finest, best quality hearts you will find on the market today.


What birds will eat Sunflower Hearts?

There are a variety of birds that enjoy these hearts, making them a popular choice for any garden. These include:

We have also found that even Dunnocks will take these if they are placed on the floor.


Our hearts come in a variety of sizes, so you can choose what is best for you!

2.5kg Sunflower Hearts - £ 6.55

5kg Sunflower Hearts - £11.40

13kg Sunflower Hearts - £20.50

20kg Sunflower Hearts - £30.95

25kg Sunflower Hearts – £37.95

2x 13kg Sunflower Hearts - £39.45



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Scottish Highlands and Islands - 2-3 Working Days - Parcel Force £4.90 £4.90
Belfast, Isle of Man, Isles of Scilly - 2-3 Working Days - Parcel Force £16.50 £16.50

Please note however any other offers or free gifts will not go towards the 10kg needed to qualify for free delivery.


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