Sunflower Hearts for Birds
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Sunflower Hearts for Birds

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Wild Bird Sunflower Hearts

Sunflower hearts (sunflower kernels) are an excellent food source high in energy for all wild birds that visit your garden. They are sunflower seeds with the outer shell removed, providing birds with fast access to the most efficient source of essential high protein required for them to flourish.
These straight bird seeds have the highest energy content per weight of any of the popular wild bird foods. With the husks removed, there is no mess and they are a favourite food for most species of wild bird.
Our premium quality Hearts Bird Seed is triple-cleaned to ensure that they are of the highest quality. Because they are subjected to this unique cleaning process, we believe that our seeds are some of the finest bird food you will find on the market.
We stock Sunflower Hearts in 2.5kg, 5kg, 13kg, 20kg & 25kg packages.

What birds eat sunflower hearts?

A favourite food of a huge variety of garden birds such as Goldfinches, Blue Tits, Coal Tits, Great Tits, Greenfinches, Chaffinches, Bullfinches, House Sparrows and Robins, Blackbirds and even Dunnocks will occasionally take this food when placed on the ground.

Suitable for feeding from:

They can be fed from any wild bird seed feeder, a ground tray, bird table or a specialised sunflower heart feeder.

No Grow - the shells on sunflower hearts have been removed so the bird seed is less likely to grow if they fall to the ground. Which would otherwise create unwanted vegetation. 

High in protein, a key food group for birds as much as it is for us, especially those birds which are not yet fully grown! This makes hearts really the best option to ensure all shapes and sizes of bird are happy! Not only do they contain protein but also all the essential oils for birds can be found in sun hearts. This means when eaten by wild birds they are a good source of energy and helps keep them warm!  

Our sunflower hearts are available in an array of different sizes just pick which is best for you:


  •  2.5KG - £6.55
  •  5KG - £11.40
  •  13KG - £20.50 (Most Popular)
  •  20KG - £30.95
  •  25KG - £37.95
  •  2 X 13KG - £39.45 (Best Value)



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