Nice N Clean Suet Pellet Plus
Brinvale Nice N Clean Suet Pellet Plus

Nice N Clean Suet Pellet Plus

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Adding suet pellets to our original no ‘mess’ bird food is a great way to provide a clean wild bird feed that offers extra energy to garden birds in colder weather or throughout the breeding season. Every ingredient that has made it into this premium mix is loved by wild birds, and has been chosen to make this mix as clean as possible. The added energy provided by the suet pellets is coveted by wild birds in colder weather when natural sources of energy are scarce, and during the breeding season when getting as much energy in as little time as possible is paramount.

Contains: Sunflower Hearts, Berry Suet Pellets, Apple Suet Pellets, Micronised Wheat and Peanut Grains

Suitable for feeding from: They can be fed from any wild bird seed feeder, a ground tray or bird table.