No Grow Bird Seed - High Energy
Brinvale No Grow Bird Seed - High Energy

No Grow Bird Seed - High Energy

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Our High Energy No Grow bird seed mix is suitable for feeding all year round either on the ground or from a table/feeder. This No Grow mix will nourish wild birds during the breeding season and being extremely high in calories it will help ensure your birds will survive a harsh winters night.   This tasty bird seed mix contains seeds that have been dehusked which minimises seeds growing beneath your feeding area, meaning less waste and mess.  You and your birds will not be disappointed. 


PLEASE NOTE:  In perfect growing conditions (moist and warm weather) dehusked seeds can still germinate, especially if the seeds falls onto gravel where the seeds are less likely to be picked up by ground feeding birds.

Brinvale High Energy No Grow Mix Contains:

Sunflower Hearts, Peanut Grains and Suet Pellets