Ultimate Ground Mix
Brinvale Ultimate Ground Mix

Ultimate Ground Mix

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This mix is packed full of wonderful ingredients to ensure your garden birds do not go hungry. Fruit, Suet Pellets and lots of dried Mealworms aswell as top quality seed ingredients makes this mix a very superior ground blend.
The inclusion of ground peanuts add an extra energy boost that is suitable for fledglings and adult birds alike.
Especially suitable for Robins, Blackbirds, Thrushes, Wrens and many more. All Wild Birds visiting your garden will tuck in to this top quality mix.
Our Ultimate Ground Mix Contains:
Peanut Grains, Rolled Oats, Micronised Wheat, Sunflower Hearts, Suet Pellets, Raisins, Dried Mealworms and Pinhead Oatmeal
Suitable for feeding from: They can be fed from a ground tray or bird table.

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