Ground Bird Feeder Cage
C J Wildlife Ground Bird Feeder Cage
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Ground Bird Feeder Cage


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These Ground Bird Feeder Cages allows you to provide feed from the ground and accommodate ground feeding birds whilst safeguarding your Bird Food from large birds, squirrels, pets and other pests.  Available in two mesh sizes to enable you to choose which large birds or pets you wish to restrict from accessing your Bird Food.   The Small Mesh version features gaps that are only small enough for small birds, meaning that food you provide is exclusively for them whilst the Large Mesh Version will allow birds such as Blackbirds and Thrushes to eat but keeps out Pigeons, Rooks and cheeky pets such as Labradors.   This saves you money and prevents there being any wastage while also safeguarding birds from the threat of predators.  Or your pet dog from eating raisins which could make you pet very ill.

Made from strong, powder coated metal; these ground bird Feeder cages are long lasting, hard wearing and sturdy. They also features 4 anchoring points which allows you to secure each corner into the ground for added security.

These Ground Bird Feeder cages are a generous size with an overall width of 56cm. This large coverage allows you to feed a large amount of feed beneath it and also allows plenty of room for trays to sit comfortable underneath as well.

They are easy to assemble as all of the sides simply slot together and they also feature a top opening flap for quick access and simple refilling. 

Dimensions: Height 14.5” (37cm) Width 22” (56cm) Depth 22” (56cm)   

Small Mesh hole sizes: approx 3cm x 7cm (to protect against Cats, Dogs, Rooks and Pigeons)  PLEASE NOTE:  Small mesh WILL NOT allow Blackbirds and Thrushes to eat

Large Mesh Hole sizes: approx 6cm x 6.5cm (to protect against Cats, Dogs, Rooks and Pigeons) PLEASE NOTE: Blackbirds, Thrushes and Starlings WILL be able to enter the cage 

DIMENSIONS: Height 14.5" (37cm) Width 22" (56cm) Depth 22" (56cm)

CONTENTS:  4 x Mesh Side Panels, 1 x Mesh Top Panel, 1 x Lid for Top Panel, 1 x Packet of Clips, 4 x Anchoring Hooks




 Product Code: 945010119   Contents:   4 Side Panels, 1 Top Panel, Lid for Top Panel, Packet of Clips, 4 Anchoring hooks.