Ground Pinhead Oats
Brinvale Ground Pinhead Oats

Ground Pinhead Oats

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These small bits of oat are ideal for fledglings and smaller wild birds. This bird food is also ideal for feeding through breeding season as ground pinhead oats will offer quick bursts of energy for wild bird parents as well as their chicks.

Ground pinhead oats are best fed from a bird table or used as a ground feed. Because they are not whole grains it is very unlikely that they will take root.

Ground pinhead oats are suitable for feeding as a straight feed or as part of a wild bird table or ground mix.
Try making your own cake from melted lard mixed with pinhead oats. To do so simply melt some lard and mix it with the pinhead oats. Once the block has set cut it into chunks and place on your bird table.

Robins, Blackbirds and Starlings all adore this cake.
Suitable for feeding from: This can be fed from a Bird Table or a Ground Feeder