Floating Swan and Duck Food
Brinvale Floating Swan and Duck Food
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Floating Swan and Duck Food

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This Swan and Duck Food is specially developed to offer a nutritious feed for your pond wildlife. While Swans and Ducks seemingly enjoy bread and other savoury items, experts warn against these foods, which are all high in carbohydrates, sugars and salts. This is because these items can lead to serious health issues in Swans and Ducks, such as becoming overweight as well as malnourished. It is much better to give them healthy and nutritional food!
Feeding Ducks on ponds or rivers is something that has been enjoyed by children for many generations and it is something that can still be enjoyed thanks to this Swan and Duck Food. This food is not only nutritional but it is extremely tasty and loved by Swans, Ducks and other Wildfowl. This duck and swan food is shaped into pellets that are easily digestible for ducks and swans a like. 
To feed, simply scatter a handful of the Swan and Duck Food pellets onto water and wait. The pellets of food that floats when initially thrown onto the water and gradually some will start to sink a little. However, Swans and Ducks naturally search for food under the surface of the water, meaning all of the feed will be eaten and none will go to waste. It is advised to wait until all feed has been eaten before adding more, to avoid overcrowding as well as contaminating the water.
What are Swan and Duck Pellets made from? Our pellets contain Wheat, Wheatfeed, Soya, Whole Maize, Fish Meal, Soya Oil. 
For any further information you can read our blog on what swans can eat and about our floating duck food. 
Nutritional Information for Floating Duck Food:
Contains: Wheat, Wheatfeed, Soya, Whole Maize, Fish Meal, Soya Oil. 
 18%. Crude Fibre: 4%. Crude Oils and Fat: 4%. Crude Ash: 4%.