Suet Coconuts for Birds - Halves
Brinvale Suet Coconuts for Birds - Halves
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Suet Coconuts for Birds - Halves

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Suet is a very high energy food source for wild birds and is essential for them in the cold winter months. It is a very good source of protein and nutrients for the birds when insects and other food sources are scarce.

These natural suet filled coconut bird feeders contain high energy suet mixed with seeds. They can be hung from a tree, bird table or feeding pole to supply birds with a natural looking high energy suet treat. Suet attracts many different species of birds and is particularly popular with Tits, Finches, starling and Robins.
Only filled with the best quality suet, these hanging bird feeders will keep your gardens busy with more and more visits from your favourite feathered friends.