Sunflower Heart Suet Balls
 Sunflower Heart Suet Balls
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Sunflower Heart Suet Balls

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Here at Brinvale we think the idea of combining suet balls (sometimes referred to as fat balls) and sunflower hearts is a master stroke for many reasons!

Firstly, birds love suet balls. Full of fat, hence why they are sometimes called fat balls, they provide huge amounts of energy, important all year round but crucial in the winter months in a bid to keep warm! Where suet balls contain necessary fats, sunflower hearts are full of all the essential oils a bird needs for its diet. So by combining the two you are really helping the wild birds in your garden by filling them up with good quality bird food and also to keep them toasty in the winter months! 

These suet balls should be feed from a suitable feeder and kept at a good height safe from predators.

Sunflower Heart Suet Balls Contents:

Wheat flour, beef fat, kibble, sunflower hearts, peanut flour