London Caged Peanut Feeder
CJ Wildlife London Caged Peanut Feeder

London Caged Peanut Feeder

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About This Feeder

The London caged peanut feeder is an excellent choice for any regular wild bird feeder and would make a perfect addition to any garden. Like the other products in the range, it features an easy to open flip lid that makes cleaning and refilling easy. It is made from strong, powder-coated metal and features a practical, metal, curved handle meaning it can hang securely almost anywhere.

The cage is designed to prevent squirrels* and other pests from getting to your peanuts, ensuring your birds can feed away from harm. The cage’s sizable gaps also mean there are no hard to get at places so the feeder remains sanitary, and when you decide to give your feeder a freshen-up, you can do so with ease. This stylish caged peanut feeder has a deflector in the base of the mesh insert to deflect the peanuts against the mesh to ensure the food is accessible even when the feeder is running low, also ensuring there are no peanuts left in the feeder to become old and become harmful to wild birds.


12’’ (30cm) x 9’’ (23cm) x 9’’ (23cm) 



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*Please note that we can only guarantee to deter and prevent against adult squirrels and larger birds such as (pigeons and rooks). However, on occasions, smaller juvenile squirrels may still be able to get through and access the feeder.

  • Wire mesh
  • Cages to deter large birds and squirrels
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to refill
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