Hedgehog Biscuit Boost
Brinvale Hedgehog Biscuit Boost

Hedgehog Biscuit Boost

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If you are lucky enough to have hedgehogs in or about your garden, providing this wild hedgehog food is a great way to sustain them with a balanced diet.
Because the biscuits in this mix are meat-based they are likely to be eaten by any local cats and other non-hedgehog wildlife. To limit this activity we recommend creating a feeding area for your hedgehogs. This can be as simple as placing the food at the centre of a small length of drainpipe and weighing it down. This will prevent cats from accessing the food and provide hedgehogs with a safe place in which to eat.  Hedgehogs adore dried mealworms; however, because feeding too large a quantity of dried mealworms can cause metabolic bone disease in hedgehogs, especially hoglets, our Hedgehog Biscuit Boost contains only 10% of dried mealworms. This ratio is quite sufficient as a treat and - most importantly - not enough to be harmful.
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