Peanut Granules
Brinvale Peanut Granules

Peanut Granules

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Peanut granules are suitable for feeding to all garden birds and are safe to feed during breeding season because they are small enough that new born chicks are able to eat them without the risk of choking, Peanut Granules are full of nutrition, essential oils, protein, fibre and fully aflatoxin tested. This very versatile feed can be used on it's own or mixed with other seeds.

Which Wild Birds will eat Peanut Granules?

Most birds visiting your garden will enjoy Peanut Granules, here are some you may attract Blue Tit, Blackbird, Chaffinch, Dove, Goldfinch, Great Tit, Long Tailed Tit, Nuthatch, Robin, Spotted Woodpecker

Suitable for feeding from: This can be fed from a Seed Feeder, Bird Table or a Ground Tray Feeder

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