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British Garden Birds is dedicated to helping garden birdwatchers to identify and enjoy the birds that visit their gardens, and to understand the birds' lives and behaviour. 

Rutland Water

This internationally famous nature reserve is managed in partnership with Anglian Water and the Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust and provides one of the most important wildfowl sanctuaries in Great Britain. 

The Reserve is also home to the successful Osprey project where the first Osprey chick to fledge in Central England for 150 years was hatched in 2001. Ospreys are regularly seen fishing over the reservoir from April - September.  


The Leicestershire & Rutland Ornithological Society (LROS) was founded in 1941, and now has around 600 members. Our aims are to promote the study, conservation and enjoyment of birds and birding in Leicestershire and Rutland. 

Nottinghamshire Birdwatchers - New members welcome.  

Ford Images

A portfolio of images including birds and other wildlife, as well as a collection of other images gathered from around the UK and beyond. - Bird Watching 

An informative site designed for Bird Watchers by providing resources and information geared to assist them with the enjoyment of this wonderful hobby. 

Wildlife Photography - By Alan Saunders

A fantastic collection of Wildlife Photography and presentation information.


A Link to Peter Edge's Wildlife Photography Website - outstanding wildlife images

A selection of live cameras focussed on capturing wildlife including wild birds in their natural environment.