17 May 2017

Why you’d be nuts not to feed Wild Bird Peanuts!

 peanuts for birds

There are many different types of food for birds so why are Wild Bird Peanuts a great example?


Why Feed Birds Peanuts?

The main benefit of Wild Bird Peanuts is that, they are suitable for a huge range of birds. Not only are peanuts suitable, they are also loved by birds. As soon as your feeder is hung, it won’t take long to be treated with some visitors. This could be anything from rarer species like nuthatches, greater spotted woodpeckers and long tailed tits, as well as the usual favourites like blue tits and great tits as well.

Perhaps the reason that birds love peanuts so much is because they taste good. Good quality Wild Bird Peanuts are sweet and plump and soft they are also large meaning that they sit comfortable in feeders and allow birds to peck easily as they come and go.  

Peanuts for birds are also nutritious and provide great volumes of energy as they contain large amounts of protein and essential oils.  A lot of good quality Wild Bird Peanuts are also aflatoxin tested meaning they are safe and will not harm birds to eat.  



A Wood pecker about it to eat some tasty peanuts for birds! 


A Warning!

Beware of cheap wild bird peanuts however as these are very different. Instead, they are small, withered and hard which makes them less appetising as well as much more difficult to access and peck at.  They also lack the nutrients that better quality Wild Bird Peanuts offer.

It is not just the birds that reap the benefits of Wild Bird Peanuts. Being a straightforward food they are easy and quick to feed as all you simply need is a peanut feeder and this can be refilled each and every time.  Another advantage of Wild Bird Peanuts is the price. While they aren’t the cheapest food, they last longer than most feeds as birds tend to peck at them.  As well as this, because they are so appealing, birds will eat them and as a consequence, you won’t find any going to waste.

It is hard to go wrong with feeding Wild Bird Peanuts. They are tasty, nutritious, easy to feed, affordable food. They are also very well known and a popular choice amongst wild bird feeding enthusiasts making them easy to source and always in stock.  Take a look at our own sweet, soft, aflatoxin tested Wild Bird Peanuts here.


Other Great Peanut Products!


If you are a fan of Making your own bird seed mixes than you should look at Peanut Granules. These granules are small enough for chicks to eat without choking and provide are great quality. 

Another hugely popular item for birds is peanut butter! Specially made for wild birds (with lower salt than peanut butter for human consumption) this is a treat that is sure to bring the birds to your garden!


Peanuts for Birds A History



The saying goes that it is hard to go wrong when you keep things simple, yet it is easy to fall victim to over complication in many aspects of life. When you do, you often find yourself ending up in a mess and feeding the birds is no exception to this.


As it’s popularity has increased, there has been a lot of advancements to bird feeding and nowadays there are a huge range of products and a colossal amount of choices. While a lot of these products are great for the birds many of them are expensive and can be difficult and time consuming to feed. On top of this, some feeds simply aren’t necessary and seem to have only been created for commercial purposes.  A lot of specialist mixes for example are only suitable for certain birds, meaning you are often swain to buy several different varieties of feed just to accommodate the different birds you have. 


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