Feeding for Autumn and Winter

Feeding bird in Autumn and Winter


Coming out of summer and into autumn, it is important to feed the bird accordingly. As the days and nights get cooler the birds will need the correct food to help them cope with the temperature change. 


The classic and more common option to feed the birds are the ever so popular sunflower hearts. These fantastic little seeds are not only a firm favourite with most birds,they also contain the correct nutrients and oils they need to help keep their feathers, beaks and skin healthy. Sunflower hearts have a really high calorie to weight ratio making them such a popular feed. These seeds can be fed all year round and become important in winter. Sunflower hearts can be fed from a seed feeder, bird table, ground table and also a specilized sunflower heart feeder.     




One good mix for autumn / winter is the high energy no grow mix. This mix is very high in calories meaning that it wil be essential for feeding in winter to help them survive the cold winter day and nights. The high energy contains sunflower hearts, which as spoken about above are a great source of food for the birds. It also contains peanut granules which are full of essential, oils, nutrition, fibre, protein and are aflatoxin tested. High energy no grow also contains suet pellets which provide a source of protein for the birds and the fats in the suet are a crucial source of energy. This helps keep the birds warm during the winter months. As the seeds in this mix are already dehusked, this minimises the risk of the seeds actually germinating which means less waste and less mess. 


A popular mix which can be fed all year round is our All Season mix. A mix with all the ingredients needed to make your birds happy and healthy all year. Peanut granules in the mix makes it safe for feldglings and the suflower hearts and black sunflower seeds prvide high amounts of energy. Including kibbled maize, cnary seed, white and red millet, re dari and oilseed rape, maing it a suitable and very well-balanced dirt. This mix can be fed from from a bird seed feeder or on a bird table. A ground feeder is not recommened due to the smaller seed falling through the mesh on ground feeders. 




Suet products are a great source of fat to feed the birds to help keep them warm and to keep their energy up throughout the colder months. Suert pellets, logs, blocks and coconuts are all a suitable feed. 


Suet fat balls - Our classic suet balls are formed in a round shape which makes it easy for the birds to peck away at without using too much energy. Made from the finest quality ingredients, they are high in calories and nutrients and contain no additvives, alternative ingredients or fillers. 




Peanut Butter - Peanut butter is a fun way to feed the birds. This can be fed from different styles of feeders, making it easily accssible for all birds. We sell a range of different peanut butter and feeders to go with them if needed. Peanut butter is full of the much needed protein and energy that the birds require, especially during these colder months.



Suet pellets - Our suet pellets currently come in three flavours; mealworm, insect and berry. Suet pellets are full of nutrients and energy (perfect for winter) which gives them that extra boost making them a must have in any garden. These pellets can be fed from a table, a peanut feeder and if big enough a seed feeder. If you are wanting to feed froma seed feeder we would recommend the Big Easy.

Suet blocks & coconuts - Suet blocks, especially flavoured ones, go down a treat with the birds. Full of energy and bursting with protein, these blocks are a great source of winter food. They can also be fed all year round. Feeding suet products around breeding season will help the parents, as feeding the fledglings is a draining process so the protein and energy will be a great help. Coconuts similar to the blocks, have a lot of protein and they also have high amounts of fat which is paramount to help maintain the energy the birds need in winter and in the breeding season.          




Peanuts - Lastly, peanuts even more so our Jumbo Peanuts are a must have all year round food, but due to their high volume of protein and essential oils are more important in the winter time. Full of energy, our Jumbo Peanuts are a favourite with the birds all over the UK. The peanuts have been aflatoxin tested to make sure they are safe and are the best quality for the birds. The birds we currently have on our peanut feeders are the blue and great tits and also our on site woodpecker who comes most days to take advantage of the food.







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