Out in the Cold: Battling Against the Elements

With British wildlife preparing for spring, how will the snap over the next week could prove costly for some. With scary terms being banded about like 'Polar Vortex' we look at the ramifications for nature and wildlife around the UK.



What are the Repercussions? 

With Spring on the horizon all sorts of wildlife is waking, beginning to nest and prepare for their offspring. A forecasted & sudden cold snap could derail their progress. And that’s exactly what much of the wildlife in Britain will soon have to face. Plants which have flowered early could be destroyed by a single sharp frost easily, and all of the spring flowers that have been seen around the country could quite easily disappear over the course of a weekend. Hedgehogs that have not hibernated could suddenly find that their energy reserves are drastically low, and many moths and butterflies will struggle to survive through any sub-zero temperatures.


It is not all bad news for the wildlife of Britain though. Colder temperatures will help to lower water levels in rivers and streams, allowing otters to hunt more effectively, small wild birds will still be able to find food and the cold temperatures will help to kill off the majority of harmful bacteria capable of living at bird feeding areas, and insects that lay dormant in the ground will be less likely to be negatively affected by harmful bacteria, improving their chances of survival.


How can we help our garden birds during this extra cold weather?


Cardinal in the snow


During the cold days wild birds will need to eat their own body weight to stay warm. Therefore it will help to feed them higher energy foods such as our High Energy Mix or any of our suet productsIf you supply water for the birds it is worth checking that it hasn;'t frozen other too! 

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