Finding the Right Bird Feeder For You

We all know that feeding birds is a very enjoyable thing to do. I know that I myself find it very peaceful and calming watching them chomping away on some seed or splashing about in the water. What can be less pleasurable however is finding the solution to feeding the food you want to. In this blog, we are addressing how to feed the food you want to attract the birds you want in your garden.



Finding the Right Bird Feeder Makes a Big Difference.

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Find Bird Feeder by Food

 Seed Mixes            |         High Capacity                 |          Sunflower Hearts             |        Peanuts/Suet Pellets            

Suet Cakes & Balls  |             Water                         |              Mealworms                  |              Niger


Specialised Feeding Options

 Complete Solutions        |              Window Observer           |              Pest Proof


Bird Feeder Accessories

      Trays                |              Hooks                   |              Pegs                      |              Scoops



By Food

Seed Mixes     


Seed feeders come in various shapes and sizes and depend on the type of mix/seed and how many birds you want to accommodate at a time. Smaller feeders will generally have two ports but you can get feeders that have 6 or even 8 ports! Larger capacity feeders will generally have more ports and will need filling less often!

Bird Feeder - Seed Feeders

The Ring Pull Feeder Range - From £7.90

Handy Hint

A feeder with a tray can be very useful, as birds are generally quite messy eaters! Some feeders have them fitted whilst you can buy separate trays to attach to most garden bird feeders.


High Capacity


If you find yourself filling up your feeders too often high capacity is the way to go! Holding more seed at a time, saves you the time!


The Big Easy Range - From £15.70



Sunflower Hearts


Arguably the most popular bird seed, the unique shape of sunflower hearts requires a slightly different shape to feeding from*.  Where seed feeders have little openings around the ports for birds to feed from sunflower heart feeders generally have lots of smaller holes throughout the tube.

Bird Feeder for Sunflower Hearts

Easy Fill Sunflower Heart Feeder - £7.25

*Handy Hint

You can get away with feeding sunflower hearts from a regular seed feeder however due to the shape of them they can get stuck creating little air pockets meaning the birds cannot get to the seed to eat it.


Peanuts/Suet Pellets


It might seem strange to group these two together but actually we have found whilst feeding on the farm ourselves that what works for one works for the other!

As peanuts are rather large compared to most garden birds we have to be careful about the way we feed them, to avoid the risk of choking. As a result the feeders for these have a very specific mesh size to allow birds to only take a safe amount at a time. This size is also perfect for feeding suet pellets.

bird feeder for suet pellets

These suet pellets are being fed from a peanut feeder.

Handy Hint

We often put peanuts and suet pellets in the one feeder at the same time, which attracts a wider range of birds to the same feeder!


Suet Cakes & Balls


Suet comes in all shapes and sizes, depending on which type you feed you will need a different type of feeder. Click here to find the feeder that suits the shape you want!


bird feeder for suet balls

 Monolith Fat Ball Feeder - £3.59



Although birds do not need to drink as much as mammals, they still need to. Providing a fresh source of water therefore is a really useful thing to do. You can provide water from any sort of receptacle although if it has higher sides they can also have a bath in it! You can browse our selection of drinkers/baths here...

 bird feeder for water



Although you can feed mealworms from a feeding tray there is a benefit to feeding from a specific mealworm feeder, especially live mealworms! With a large base, and high sides you can not only hold a lot more mealworms in than on a flat surface it greatly reduces the chances of any live mealworms climbing over the side.

Handy Hint

If you want to get more up close and personal mealworms are an ideal food to put on a window feeder .


Niger Seed


Although niger seed is a seed due to its small size you will need a slightly different feeder than a normal seed feeder. Niger Seed Feeders as a result have tiny little openings for feeding. Picking a feeder with a tray, is really a good idea when it comes to feeding this tiny bird seed! For the best quality Niger feeder on the market, look no further than the Droll Yankee Lifetime



Specialised Options


Complete Solutions


One easy way to feed birds in your garden is with a feeding station. These feeders allow you to hang multiple bird feeders at a time all from the same bit of kit. Typically these feeding stations are a pole, with several arms that allow you to hang different feeders from them. Some stations even include feeders to get you started!

These feeding stations are designed to be incredibly easy to install and require no nails or screws, making life a lot easier when it comes to putting them together.

bird feeder - classic bird feeding station

The Classic Bird Feeding Station - £19.90

Handy Hint

You can buy individual wraparound arms to add more feeders to your station.


Window Observers


We use these in the office here on the farm and we love them! Window observers are great for getting up close and personal to all your favourite wild birds. Simply stick the suction pads to the window of your choice and wait for the good times ahead! We stock a couple of varieties but our favourite might just be the observer window feeder

Handy Hint

Try feeding our luxury treat mix or mealworms from these feeders to draw the birds in close.


Pest Proof


We are all too aware that one person’s pest is another person’s pleasure! However if you do have problems with squirrels, pigeons or even starlings eating food which is not meant for them there are feeding solutions for you!  Have a look at our blog on this very topic to learn more. Alternatively you can browse through our products online here...


bird feeder - squirrel proof bird cage 

The Paris Caged Peanut Feeder - £14.40





As discussed previously the inclusion of a tray to a bird feeder can be great for several different reasons. A tray will catch any unwanted spillage onto the floor. Some bird seed mixes will contain seeds which can sprout if left out, whilst spillage can also bring unwanted pests into your gardens.

Keep an eye out for feeders that come with trays attached or buy one to attach to your feeder.




Having a hook can be a really helpful way of finding new places to attach your garden bird feeders that were previously thought not possible. Simply attach to a branch or tree to allow easier access for you to refill or clean your feeder.

hook for a bird feeder

Tree Hook for Hanging Bird Feeders - £1.50



Stabiliser pegs are a great way of keeping your bird table or feeding station secure, especially in high winds or when multiple visitors come at once!

stabiliser peg for bird feeder or table

Stabiliser Pegs for Bird Table - £3.95




A simple and hygienic way to refill your feeders is with a scoop. Simply fill the scoop with seed from the larger end and use the smaller end as a funnel to add to refill.


 bird seed scoop for refilling bird feeder


Bird Seed Scoop - £9.50


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