Flo Seed Feeder - Review

I was a bit dubious when the pale blue Fo feeder arrived. Would it look lurid in my little garden? Would it scare the birds away?

I’m delighted to confirm both worries were unfounded. The feeder actually looks really pretty; in fact I like it better than the dull green and neutral colours of my other feeders. 

As for the birds, they love it too. The large, chunky perches are great for all the small breeds. Robins, coaltits, great tits and bluetits come and go all day, and my growing flock of house sparrows are a permanent fixture now. The flow of seed is excellent and despite days of torrential rain the ports haven’t clogged at all, so the birds are making fast work of the feed and my bank account!

I have the four port feeder, and it’s big; the six port version must be enormous! When I took it out of the box I was immediately impressed by the sturdiness of the feeder. For £12.60 I was expecting something a bit flimsy. It took me two minutes to click the parts into place; the attachments are satisfyingly solid and chunky. For cleaning, it’s very easy to take apart and remove the base. 

I highly recommend the Flo feeders for anyone looking for a pretty, substantial, value for money seed feeder. The quality for the price is excellent. Anyway, I’m off to fill up my Flo now; don’t want to keep my birds waiting.


Liz England, Flo feeder review, filled with Brinvale All Seasons Mix 

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