Helping Wildlife In The Floods


We hope you’ve managed to stay safe in the face of the recent flooding a lot of areas have experienced in the first week of 2024. This weather has resulted in our local wildlife and bird populations facing continuing challenges, let's come together to make a positive impact! Check out our blog post in the comments on how to help where you can!

🌱🦢 Here are some ways you can help our feathered friends and furry neighbours:

1️⃣ Provide Elevated Platforms: Place bird feeders and nesting boxes in elevated areas to give our winged friends a safe haven away from floodwaters.

2️⃣ Clean Water Sources: Ensure clean water sources are available by placing shallow containers filled with fresh water. Birds and small animals may struggle to find clean water during flooding.

3️⃣ Rescue and Release: If you come across displaced wildlife, contact local wildlife rescue organizations for guidance. Avoid direct contact unless necessary, and always prioritize your safety.

4️⃣ Spread awareness: Share the stories of resilience and survival among our wildlife. Encourage your community to take action if they can. The more people are aware, the greater the collective effort to help.

5️⃣ Gentle Footprints: As we navigate through this challenging period, let's be mindful of our impact. By treading lightly and minimizing disruptions, we ensure a tranquil space for our wildlife to recover. Keep filling your feeders up to ensure a continual supply of fresh food for our feathered friends 🕊️


Remember, every small effort counts! Let's show compassion and support for our local wildlife as they navigate these challenging conditions. 🌿🦉 #HelpOurWildlife


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