Here Comes The Sun - Wildlife in Spring

While April is renowned for being a month of pretty unpredictable and unsettled weather, once it arrives we can comfortably say that we are firmly into a new season.  Spring is a lot of people’s favourite time of year and no wonder;  the days are longer, everywhere you go plants brim with beautiful plumage and the sweet sound of bird song fills the air.


For many of us, these alterations trigger changes to our activities, attitude and energy and not surprisingly it has a fairly significant impact on wild birds too.  While the spring brings longer daylight hours and more natural food which makes feeding easier, birds will still visit your gardens and rely on the food you provide.   In fact, you may find your bird feeders to be just as busy in the Spring, largely due to the fact that Spring is a birds breeding season. This means that birds will be expending a great deal more energy than they usually would in order to care for their young.  It also means that there are more birds around and so there is a higher demand for food.  

Because of this, we encourage you to keep filling your feeders but realise that it can be both expensive and hard to know the best way to help birds. That’s why we have put together a few tips to help you through this time of year that are good for your birds and your pockets alike.

  • The warm weather is likely to cause a surge of bacteria around your feeders and feeding area, risking your bird’s health.  Rather than buying a new feeder, it is fairly easy and affordable to clean feeders and will go a long way to safeguard your birds from infections or diseases.   You can buy a brush and some safe to use spray from us.


  • Similarly, if your feeder has become particularly unclean at the bottom, try placing a few clean, dry stones in to be level with this moulded area. This will prevent the seed at the bottom from going bad and should also mean that the birds do not leave the seed at the bottom, meaning there is no waste. Alternatively Feeder Fresh is a great product that keeps seed dry, by placing at the bottom of your feeders. 


  • Try to feed seed or mixes because these contain small grains as fledglings are likely to choke on bulky seeds or peanuts. Peanut grains are a good option or if you do still want to feed peanuts, make sure they are in a special peanut feeder so birds are unable to take them whole.

Peanut grains have all the benefit of our premium quality peanuts but without the risk of choking for fleglings. 


  • To make feed go further this season, consider adding a seed catching tray to your feeder. This will prevent seed from falling and simply becoming waste.


Spring is probably one of the nicest times to feed birds, you never know if this season, you will attract a new bird or maybe you will just enjoy watching the fledglings grow.  Here at Brinvale, we have a genuine love and care for birds and all wildlife so if you have any problems or are looking for some advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.   



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