Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 - Getting Closer To Nature

Mental Health Awareness Week – Getting Closer To Nature


‘Nature is our biggest ally and greatest inspiration’ – David Attenborough

Over lockdown people have found it hard when living alone or shielding with others to keep positive. Luckily we have our gardens and nature to help us with this.

Nature us a great way to exercise and keep your mind clear. It is all around us, whether that is in a local park, the countryside, your gardens and not forgetting the beach.

Exercising outdoors, whether in your garden or out in the park, is a great way to clear your mind. If your walking or running, keep a look out and listen out for the birds singing, the bees buzzing and the butterflies stunning colours, and the changes in nature. This can help to reduce your risk of mental health issues and can lighten your mood.

Not everyone is physically able to go for a walk in the park, but your garden, allotment or balcony is just as good! Helping nature, help you! Think about how you can help to make the most out of your garden, allotment, or balcony!

Having bird feeders is a great way to help you keep positive, whilst it brings all sorts of different birds to your garden for enjoyment for you, you are also helping to feed nature! If you don’t have any space for a feeder, buying house plants is a great way to have some part of nature to see, touch, smell and take care of.


You could also grow flowers, vegetables and fruit if you have a garden or an allotment. The more time you can spend outside feeling good by taking care of something else, the clearer your mind becomes, the calmer you become. Even watching tv or listening to nature is a good way to reduce stress levels and reflect on nature.

The Five Well Being are:

  1. Connect – with others via the phone, or with nature.
  2. Take Notice – of others wellbeing of changes in nature.
  3. Give – your time to help others and see how they are coping.
  4. Be Active – with others, go running, dog walking, dance or being in the garden.
  5. Keep Learning – new things to keep your brain active and your mind set level.


Stay safe and keep well!

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