Placing a New Feeder

Birds are very flighty animals and it may take them time to get adjusted to any new feeders you may place in your gardens. Just be patient, it will happen! When placing new feeders in your garden you must remember to place them somewhere so that it is clearly visible, but also somewhere that is safe from predators. If they do not feel comfortable or safe from predators, they will not visit as often as you may like. Remember birds prefer to have cover and shelter.

Wild birds prefer a quieter environment for when they come to feed. If you have your feeder near a busy road, a garage, or somewhere with high activity you will not see them all the time. Whereas if you have it in the garden in a quiet ‘left alone’ area you will see an increase in the activity. Make sure your feeder is away from any potential threat i.e. cats! Placing your feeding on a pole or even a shepherd’s hook is better than in the trees as cats will not be able to climb the pole. Make sure there is coverage near by so the birds can sit and watch to see if it is safe for them to come out and feed.

Remember not to put your feeders near windows as these are fatal to birds. The birds need to be able to move around the feeders quick and easily. They need to be placed either on the window or at a much further distance so there is no risk of the birds flying into the window.

Different species of birds have got their own ‘personal space’ area. Crowded areas can become an aggressive situation if there is either not enough food to go round or not enough perches or feeders for the birds to feed from. Spreading the feeders around will create a nice calm environment where your birds are able to feel safe and relaxed. Don’t replace your old feeders straight away as the birds will be very wary of any new feeders so keep the old feeder there whilst they get used to the new one, especially if you are trying to introduce a caged feeder.

Always remember to use quality food for your birds. If you use bad quality food the birds will not be interested in it, leaving it in the feeder. If your seed does not get eaten it will become dry and stale, attracting no birds whatsoever! Bright and multi-coloured seed will not only add a splash of colour to your garden but will catch the bird’s eye, attracting them and hopefully many more to your feeder. If you want to attract birds quickly, sunflower hearts are well known to be an extremely popular seed for a wide variety of birds. Birds are attracted by the sound of splashing water so purchasing a bird bath may entice the birds and invite them into your garden quicker.


These things do take time so do not worry if you have not seen anything in a short space! Keep an eye on the seeds levels as they may just be taking the seed when you’re not looking!

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