Sensation Suet: Why It Is Essential For Feeding Birds In Winter

It may not be everyone’s first port of call when it comes to feeding wild birds but suet is an essential part of a bird’s diet, particularly during the Winter months.

It is full of great benefits and there are countless reasons why you should add it to your bird shopping list this season. Here we examine in more detail, what suet is and exactly why it is the ‘go-to’ feed this winter.

Suet is typically the raw, hard fat from around the lions and kidneys of animals, although it can be made up from mixtures of vegetable oils as well. Whether it is animal or vegetable based, the composition and benefits are the same.  Being fat based, suet is very rich in calories and subsequently packed with energy and nutrients. This means that even a small amount of suet can provide a great deal of the vital energy that is required to sustain birds and keep them warm and healthy during cold spells. 

Since birds do not need large amounts of suet, it is a relatively reasonable feeds as well, although ensure you choose quality suet products that high levels of suet. Some alternatives are padded out with fillers which evidently don’t provide birds with the same kind of calories or energy. You may find that birds go through these quicker but leave behind waste that contains no nutrition. Alternatively, some cheap suet products on the market are so unappealing to birds that they go untouched.


Therefore, it is best to provide quality suet that is pure and has little or no alternate ingredient. Doing so will attract a great range of birds to your garden, which is another great benefit of feeding it. Suet is loved by most garden birds, including long-tailed tits, robins, blackbirds and even woodpeckers, meaning that providing it in your garden will attract a whole range of garden bird varieties.  The reason that birds are so attracted to suet is that its a great benefit but also because it is it is soft, tasty and easy to eat.   Suet is easy to digested and metabolize by birds especially since they have process food at a quick rate. This means that birds can feel the benefit of suet soon after consumption and it provides them with a substantial, quick and effective boost. This is crucial during the winter months when birds need as much energy as they can get. When the days are shorter finding these all-important food sources and maintaining calories and energy stores become increasingly straining, making suet one of the best options.



While suet has many great benefits for birds, it has many great benefits for those who decide to feed it also. It is arguably one of the easiest feeds to provide and it is available in so many varieties, giving you choice when it comes to choosing the most convenient way to feed.  For example, many people enjoy feeding suet in the form of pellets which you can provide in a feeder, as you do your bird seed. Alternatively, you may simply decide to feed suet in the forms of suet block or suet balls, which can simply be placed on a table. Whatever you decide, feeding suet requires very little effort yet the benefit it has to birds is monumental.

Not only is suet a simple feed to provide but it is also a very clean and straightforward feed. If you provide quality suet that contains no additives, there should little or no waste or mess. The entire suet products can be eaten, meaning that it is unlikely that there will even be any trace of it left behind. Similarly, while seed can dampen and spoil in wet conditions, suet, on the other hand, is less affected by the elements, making it a cleaner, more effective and a great choice for the winter. Even when used in a feeder, suet does not tend to clog or leave behind residue that looks unsightly and can sprout on the ground.  This means that feeders and feeding areas tend to remain cleaner when suet is fed which is a great benefit, especially in the winter. This is because the damper condition of winter can cause bacteria and dirt to build up so it is a good idea to try and preserve the cleanliness of your feeding area as much as possible. This is a great benefit to you as well as for the health and hygiene of your birds.

Suet is available in different types including pelletsblocksballslogscoconuts and cakes and candles and has so many different variations of how it can be fed, depending on your preferences and requirements. No matter what form suet takes, the benefits are the same, leaving you a great deal of choice when it comes to choosing the right suet for your wild birds. It is available in different flavours too, so you are sure to find the right suet for you. Here at Brinvale, we have a great range; all affordable, made from the highest quality suet and containing absolutely no fillers. You are sure to find something that is both convenient for you and appealing for your birds so why not take a look


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