The importance of providing fresh water for birds.

The growing importance of providing fresh water for birds.


Even when there has been plenty of rainfall it is always great to get in the habit of providing fresh clean water for our garden visitors. It is interesting to learn that birds have no sweat glands and therefore do not need to drink as often as we do. However, it has been observed that they do drink at least twice a day in order to remain hydrated and in good health. Wild birds also need to bathe regularly to enable them to keep their feathers in good condition. Clean feathers are vital for insultation, flight efficiency, and even mating displays.

During hotter weather birds also bathe to cool down. If possible, it is a good idea to provide more than one supply of fresh water to enable birds to bathe and drink at their leisure.


Worryingly according to the RSPB many people readily supply food for their birds but not fresh water. This is possibly because it is assumed that they can fly easily to a nearby pond or stream. However, it has come to their attention that many birds are now using the nation’s growing number of potholes in our roads as sources of water. These puddles along the roadsides are not only dangerous but could also be contaminated which can expose birds to various risks such as pollution and disease.


We have some great options for bird baths and drinkers available under our ‘birdcare’ tab -

Bird baths are a great addition to any garden and they can provide some entertainment whist you sit back and watch your feathered friends frolic and play in the water.


Water drinkers are also a great option as they dispense water gradually as it is drunk. This helps to prevent the water from become stagnant quickly and keeps it fresher for longer -


You can also provide fresh water for birds by providing a DIY drinker/bather. Anything that is fairly shallow with a wide base such as a plant pot tray is ideal. If your chosen container is quite deep it is a good idea to place a sloping stone inside to provide an escape route should any wildlife of small fledglings fall in.


Providing fresh water for our garden visitor is a simple, cost-effective way to hep contribute to the health and happiness of our feathered friends.

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