Using Nature Areas Near You - Melton Country Park

Nature areas are a great place to take some time out and enjoy the local wildlife and listen to the birds. 


One of our local nature areas is the Melton Country Park. The park covers 140 acres and was constructed in the early 1990's to help reduce the risk of flooding to properties in Melton. 

The country park has been planted with specific trees to help boost the wildlife. The permanent lake feature provides a wetland envirnonment for birds, fish and also invertebrates. The small lower lake below the main dam is designed to reduce the energy of water coming from the lake outlet culvert and the overflow spillway. 


There are over 650 species that have been recorded from Melton Country Park. This has made it one of the richest sites for species diversity in the county. The trees of which have been planted, there are 4 species of the willow tree family and over 100 species of wildflower have been recorded. This makes the park the ideal habitat for many speices of hoverfly and bees in the summer months. Between the months of April and October common species of butterflies will be seen and there are up to 19 species of damselfly and dragonfly, which are usually seen during the warmer months. 


Buzzards, kestrels and red kites are common sites scanning over the park. Waterbirds such as canada geese, moorhens, coots and up to 7 species of duck are also seen around the waters edge or on the river banks. The grey heron is seen from time to time and if you very quiet you will get the see the kingfisher who visits the park to fish on the lower perches around the lake. These birds are more likely to be see in the very early mornings around dusk. 




During the summer months there are several species of warbler that breed in the park. The warblers tend to rest around the margin of the lake and inamong the reeds. Chiffchaffs, willow warblers and blackcaps are found in the hedgerows and trees around the park.

In the park there is a smal bird watching area, where from you can see across part of the lake, in the reeds where the birds nest and everything around. The park also features a small stepping stone area, with a bridge to cross the small waterfall where the swans tend to nest and will happily swim about with their cygnets. The park also has lots of little agility type exercise areas dotted around for you, the children and the dogs to get active together!

With a coffee shop and a childrens play area, Melton Country Park has got lots of activites for the whole family! 



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