What NOT to feed wild birds

When it comes to feeding the birds, it may be that from time to time you have put out any leftovers from your kitchen. Some foods can be very harmful to birds, especially fledglings if given the wrong food. Listed below are some Do's and Dont's of what to feed and what not to feed.


Do Not Feed:

  • Avocado

Avocados contain fatty acidic substances that can cause various health problems for the garden birds which can include sudden passing of the bird and also severe heart damage.

  • Milk

Do not put milk out for the birds! Milk can cause serious health problems due to the fact a birds stomach is not designed to be able to digest milk properly causing blockages and eventually passing.

  • Fruit which contain seeds/pips

Although most fruit is fine for birds to eat, some fruit and vegetables that have got pips and seeds in can become a choking hazard. If you are wanting to feed them these certain foods, ensure theyt are safe to eat from and remove any pips/seeds. 

  • Chocolate

Never feed birds chocolate!! Chocolate contains theobromine and caffine whihc is very toxic fgor birds. If a bird does eat this, no matter how small, it can cause the bird to have seizures, diarrhoea and on the odd occaion, death. 


If you are wanting to feed fruit and vegetable, listed below is what foods are safe for birds. 


  • Fruits

Fruits such as seedless grapes, mashed banana, raisins and apples (pips taken out) are all edible for the birds. 


  • Potatoes

Potatoes are a favourite with garden birds, roasted or mashed the birds love them. You must avoid crips or chips though! 


  • Porridge Oats

These are a nutritious food for birds, but you must ensure you feed them uncooked otherwise when cooked the oats could harden around the birds beak. 


The best food of course overall for wild garden birds are our mixes seed varietyd. Each mix offers various nutrients, oils and proteins to keep your birds at top health! Find out more here ----> Wild Bird Seed Mixes | Brinvale Bird Foods



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