Andy & Hilary Wiles started Brinvale Bird Foods in 2004 with one aim, to get the nation feeding wild birds. Now entering their 15th year of business its been a long journey since when they first started, selling seed from their garage. In that time they have learnt a lot and hope to pass this knowledge on to help the nation’s wildlife prosper.



Hilary is Brinvale’s live in bird and wildlife enthusiast and looks after all wildlife on the farm. She has dedicated many corners of the farm, to becoming wildlife sanctuaries for wild birds, hedgehogs, badgers and any other animal that comes her way! This also allows her to test every single product before it goes to market, ensuring that everything Brinvale sells is enjoyed by the wildlife!

 Hilary is also a member of the British Trust for Ornithology (B.T.O) and supports local wildlife charities and nature reserves including the Leicestershire Wildlife Hospital, Holwell Nature Reserve and Gedling Country Park. She is also a keen nature photographer and takes most of the photos you will find in our articles and catalogues.     


Andy has worked on the farms all his life. This combined with his passion for wildlife gave him the idea to start Brinvale Bird Foods and there were few people as qualified to do so. Andy has since passed his knowledge on to son Richard who manages the farm, leaving him with time to work on some top recipes for the birds! He has also developed Brinvale’s unique seed cleaning process means that the best quality seed is further enhanced making the feed as fresh as possible for birds and animals across the country.

Andy is also an avid supporter of wildlife and has appeared on local BBC radio and BBC news as an expert on the ways of looking after the UK’s animals and farmland.